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The protection of each of the Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) installed, provides a cyber secure environment in between all protected systems. In the INSIDE-OUT defense philosophy, an attacker needs to launch a discrete attack on each HMI system, and even if successful in doing so, this would remain a local breach that is easier to contain. This form of protection deals with both internal and external threats.


Traditional cyber defense solutions, such as anti-virus and OT network monitoring are more often designed to protect the IT network. Most of IT systems are connected, monitored and up-to-date. These solutions work like a fence – blocking external attacks. This is an outside-in philosophy of protection, that assumes that network connectivity to the outside world is the main cyber threat.

The difference between the two defense philosophies is that on the outside-in, once an attacker is over "protection perimeter fence" – a large number, if not all, connected systems are now exposed, whilst on the inside-out,
each endpoint is protected locally.

NavalDome’s advantages:

  • Rapid reduction of HSE and business cyberattack risks
  • Reduced security complexity and total cost of ownership
  • Flexible business model
  • Compliments internal and external compliance requirements
  • Independently tested (OEMs and certification from DNV class society to the highest level SL-4)
  • Supports a failsafe condition that minimizes human factors and the loss or lowering of security barriers to cyberattack
  • Software based solution
  • Unique “Inside-Out” approach - active prevention protects each OT device against a wide range of threats
  • Using AI/ML capabilities for fast adaption to the OT environment (legacy, new systems, multi-OEM)
  • Integrates with the OEMs existing systems without the need to upgrade the infrastructure
  • Fast & easy installation (remotely or locally)

The First OT Multilayer Cyber Defense Solution For Mission Critical Onboard Systems.

based on cutting edge technology.

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Security Level Description
1 Protection against casual or coincidental violation
2 Protection against intentional violation using simple means, low resources, generic skills, low motivation
3 Protection against intentional violation using sophisticated means, moderate resources, IACS specific skills, moderate motivation
4 Protection against intentional violation using sophisticated means, extended resources, IACS specific skills, high motivation
Source: DNV: Cyber Security Capabilities of Control System Components, 2018
Blocks Internal Attacks
Creates secure onboard working environment.
Does not allow installation or connection of unauthorized devices.
Local cyber alert.
Real time anomaly - detection and alert (Asset behavior, Sensors, Systems).
Blocks External Attacks
Detects and blocks malicious files.
Protects data delivered to the asset.
Enables secure remote access for maintenance.
HQ Cyber Alert.
Enables secure software and data update from HQ and OEMs.
Zero Trust OT Security
Known and unknown viruses (Zero-Day).
Local and network attacks.
Tamper Prevention.
Multi-Factor Authentication.
OT Endpoint Protection
External Disk Protection.
Desktop Lockdown.
Executable Protection.
Anomaly Detection.
Endpoint Backup.
OT Network Protection
Inter-Endpoint VPN.
DOS Protection.
Automated Operations
Detection, Prevention, Alert.
Stand-alone and connected OT.
Legacy and modern OT (XP & above).
Facilitated Compliance
Complies with highest OT security standards.
Centralized cyber security and Data control “Only single pane of glass view”.
Product unique advantages
Integrates with existing systems and software.
"Fit and forget" installation.
Requires no human intervention.
Onboard dashboard
  • Connected to the DMZ network.
  • Secures connection to the IT network.
Customer HQ Dashboard
  • Assess the cyber status of each asset.
  • Monitor and evaluate fleet-wide system data.
OEM Dashboard
  • Allowing remote security connection to the OEM for updates and maintenance.

NavalDome can protect assets across different segments

Wind farms
Commercial fleets
Sea ports
Military fleets
Power grids
Energy companies
Maritime system manufacturers

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  • Self install agent
  • Data gathering
  • Asset inventory & network architecture
  • Single view dashboard monitoring of asset & fleet
  • 24/7 logging of data
  • Status & activity reporting
  • Secure remote access
  • Remotely installable
  • Adaptable SaaS model
  • Full cybersecurity protection (to DNV SL-4 level)
  • Full AI/ML lockdown enforcement for internal & external vectors
  • Enhanced remote access
  • 24/7 Global Service Support
  • Remotely upgradeable
  • Adaptable SaaS model

With an eye to the digital future, NavalDome's solutions are designed to keep both crews and their asset operations safe at sea, today

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